Our Organization & Management

Riccardo Carbucicchio

Chief Executive Officer

My aim is to develop in NTC a strong culture on novelty, technology and care. I try to make sure that NTC is a great place to work, and I would like NTC to become the preferred partner to make business with. I think that the best way to succeed is dealing with people fairly. I welcome great ideas. I like looking at things with fresh eyes, change is here to stay, change is a chance.

Luca Loiacono

Chief Financial Officer

With more than 20 years of tenure in Finance and Administration in large multinationals and holding a certified public accountant qualification, my focus is to support the business growth at NTC with dynamism and flexibility through both organizational and team building competencies pursuing consensus internally and externally, also working in motivating employees to achieve great results, in line or ahead of industrial ethical standards. NTC embeds the flexibility and speed of a small company together with the high standards and procedures of large multinationals.

Silvia Regondi

Chief Operating Officer

Curiosity, passion for challenges and eagerness to have an impact have always been the drivers of my professional choices. After years dedicated to Human Resources, in NTC as Chief Operating Officer I now have the opportunity to impact directly on business growth, overseeing diversified and complex processes on multiple geographies, working every day to make NTC the preferred partner of choice.

Federico Bertocchi

Chief Scientific Officer

Degree in Medicine (University of Milano), post graduate degree in Haematology and post graduate diploma “pharmacological research specialist” at Mario Negri Institute (Milano). In 1989 I decided to start my career in the pharmaceutical industry where I covered local and international roles of growing responsibilities in clinical development and medical affairs. Specific area of expertise are cardiovascular, metabolic disorders, diabetes, pneumology and ophthalmology. In NTC I have the challenging opportunity to develop novelties and technologies in the areas where the company is focused on.

Paola Dassiè

Head of Human Resources & Corporate Communication

People are for me what’s valuable in life. I believe that people make the difference of every organization and my priority is to focus on each person.
In my professional career I collected a broad experience in large organizations and I always gave a lot of attention to teamwork, open communication and transparency. In NTC my efforts are focused on building a productive environment leveraging accountability and mutual help to build a great place to work and enable our organization to best serve and communicate with our customers.

Monica Colleoni

Chief Regulatory Officer

I’ve been working on Regulatory Affairs for about 20 years, most of which spent in consulting service and multinational companies, where I dealt with many regulatory projects, knew various Pharma companies, supported their regulatory needs, and won challenges. What I have learned by experience is that Regulatory Affairs may proactively contribute to drive business growth, leading strategic choices. My goal at NTC is to make my contribution to diversifying and innovating the business, while maintaining the high quality service of NTC to its partners all around the world.

Andrea Boccardi

Head of Marketing & Commercial Excellence

I have been working for 16 years in sales and customer marketing across multiple industries where I dealt with large international FMCG retailer chains and developed alliances with distributors in the pharmacies-hospital business. In NTC, my role in marketing has the objective to support the BD&L team in transforming each product in a success story conveying to the market the value of NTC research and development.

Giovanni Mauri

Head of Alliance & Contract Management

After years spent working in finance and business development on large pharmaceutical organizations, my mission in NTC is to create and maintain valuable relations with all our business partners around the globe, working every day with passion and sense of urgency. Fairness, transparency and high ethical standards are the pillars on which we develop all our business interactions, to let NTC be the preferred company to do business with.

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