NTC is based on a B2B strategy. Its offer stems from clinical needs that R&D translates into new therapeutic gestures. Our idea of ​​care is driven by the goal of facilitating a health condition that favors the autonomy and balance of the person. In accordance with the most recent WHO directives, we pursue a One Health approach aimed at spreading ethical consumption that not only has important implications for the sustainability of medicine but also meets the requirements of greater safety, ease and lightness of intake.

The products we design - in their formulations, services, methods of taking - activate therapeutic gestures marked by sustainability, empowerment, harmony of the care experience.


Simplification gestures that reduce the frequency and duration of therapy, facilitate taking medications. This goal is made possible, thanks to the research of new solutions, which improve and aid the movements of care.


Sustainable gestures that leads to more ethical consumption and the adoption of a healthcare praxis that prevents the overuse of drugs. Like our drugs that are designed to fight antibiotic resistance and the indiscriminate use of antihistamines.


Balance gestures that lead to new perceptual experiences, improving the immediate well-being effects of the treatment and allowing conditions of harmony and health to be maintained over time. Like our products that make eye care natural, increasing compliance over the course of treatment.


Technological gestures that modify the administration of the product through intelligent and innovative solutions, reducing the burden of the repetitiveness.

A program centered on the therapeutic gesture that connects the world of medicine with that of an educational planning of the care experience.