About NTC

We focus on developing pharmaceutical Novelties through innovative thinking and leveraging Technologies, because we Care about people, aiming at a global reach.

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NTC is making a fresh model of partnership designed to provide solutions to increase the potential and the value of the relationship and to add mutual and competitive advantages for both us and our partners.
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NTC World

Therapeutic Solutions

NTC started an Innovation Project with the objective to identify unmet medical needs and unresolved problems in Ophthalmology and to help solving some of them with innovative therapeutic solutions to close the gap.

The aim of Innovation Project is also to gather insights about the other therapeutic areas of interest for NTC: Gastro-Metabolism, Pediatrics and Women Health.

The involvement of clinicians, thanks to their different expertise and interaction with patients, is fundamental to conceive new ideas or improvements in the development and research of NTC products that could better treat unmet medical needs.

Gastro - Metabolism

News & Events

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