Advanced scientific research and technology are the engine of NTC innovation in care practices.

NTC innovation translates into the discovery of new and specific therapeutic gestures that are simpler and more intuitive, sustainable, healthier and technically adequate.

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NTC is making a fresh model of partnership designed to provide solutions to increase the potential and the value of the relationship and to add mutual and competitive advantages for both us and our partners.
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Therapeutic Solutions

If research is the soul of NTC, improving the care experience constitutes the essence of its vocational offer. Prior to being realized in the product, research is embodied in the accompanying therapeutic gestures.

Other than constituting the backbone of NTC business, rigorous and diffused experimentations on patients, Scientific Advice, scientific publications and the transparent disclosure of results are a working methodology, which is the essential guiding spirit of the company.

NTC research aims at placing innovation within everyone's reach. NTC product portfolio is broad, mostly in Ophthalmology but diversified in Gynecology, Gastroenterology, and Pediatrics too.

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