Pediatric products require close attention to be paid not only to the efficacy of the formulation, but also to its acceptability, allowing accurate dosing, which may vary widely based on the child’s age and weight.

NTC endeavors to meet the needs of pediatricians by providing easy-to-administer, child-tailored products offering a perfect balance between effectiveness and compliance. NTC is engaged in innovative therapeutic solutions in allergy and in acute otitis media.

NTC offers therapeutic solutions IBS-C that are safe, representing a natural and complete adjuvant approach to constipation treatment, a solution for gastroenteric meteorism in infants and children, and a food supplement for iron deficiency in children.



Iron Supplementation

  • TURBOFER drops 3+, pyrophosphate microencapsulated highly absorbable iron drops


  • PHYSIOMANNA BABY, Mannite and Pure Fraxinus Manna, soluble granular formulation


  • Simethicone drops in oil, with Vitamins A, E and CoQ10

Alteration of Intestinal Microflora

  • Probiotic line to maintain and restore normal gastrointestinal function


  • LERTAL spray, with Perilla seeds extract, Sodium Hyaluronate and Liposomes
  • LERTAL tablets, with Perilla seeds extract, Quercetin and Vitamin D3

Canker Sores

  • ROSAFTIL, organic extract of Rosa Damascena, gel for baby and junior

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