We focus on developing pharmaceutical Novelties through innovative thinking and leveraging Technologies, because we Care about people, aiming at a global reach.


Novelty stands for being different, new and unusual.

At NTC novelty comes from the never ending observation and listening of our clients and patients.

Our projects focus on help resolving unmet medical needs and open therapeutic issues in ophthalmology and in the other therapeutic areas where we operate.

We work with Board of Experts that compare their experiences, share their insights, develop new ideas, and NTC makes them happen.

Novelty is embedded in our management style too: at NTC we are encouraged to think outside of the box, to foster for innovation in everything we do, and our perspective is to look for novelties to fulfill our long term strategy.



Technology at NTC reads both Products and Market approach.

The NTC portfolio is made of drugs, medical devices and food supplements.

We are always investing significantly in the development of new therapeutic solutions to our clients, building both on internal research as well as on acquisitions of new products and technologies from third parties.

We try to leverage Technology both inside and outside our products. Technology is not only innovative delivery devices, is not only pharmaceutical galenics: at NTC, Technology is converted also into packaging, QR code with multilingual illustrative leaflets, videos on “how to use the product” for patients, packaging interacting with smartphones to enhance monitoring and adhering to therapy, childproof safety systems, patient information leaflets, peel-off labels, counterfeiting prevention are all on the NTC agenda to improve its packaging offer.

What matters for us is having the patient and his/her needs at the centre of our thoughts and use technology to support this focus.

Technology is also embedded in our processes to best support an effective market approach: speed in getting unmet customer needs, speed in finding new solutions, speed of implementation and flexibility in managing complexity and difficulty.

Technology is the key to be in contact with our partners:

NTC for you

ntc4you, a new customer experience software to share information, speed up order entries, manage forecasting, handle problems and opportunities focusing on customer satisfaction.


We care about patients, partners and people. We believe that focusing on care means to create value for the people we are connected to, and means to move to higher standards of leadership, internally and externally.

NTC stands for creating connections with people to capture their needs.

To be connected we are developing a strong listening attitude, to go deeper and understand: reports on customer care to improve our customer service quality, reports on internal climate survey and diversity policy implementation to foster a good internal working environment are our main projects.


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